The story of a Bohemian marriage

Amateurs in Eden: The Story of a Bohemian Marriage, Joanna Hodgkin’s book about her mother, Lawrence Durrell‘s first wife Nancy Myers Durrell, is going to be released in three days, (according to, in time for the celebrations of Durrell’s centenary  – and though sadly it will take me time to get my hands on a copy, there are a couple of advance reviews to read in the meantime:

Hodgkin has created a website about the book, which is really rather good and has some nice photos of Nancy.

The Guardian gives the book a very positive review, saying it reveals a great deal about Nancy’s marriage to Durrell, but concludes that Nancy’s “strange knack for self-erasure” is present in the book too.

And if you are in the UK, the Durrell2012 website has a link on this page to a special discount that UK-based readers can enjoy for the book (scroll down to the image of the book’s cover on the left side of the page!)

4 thoughts on “The story of a Bohemian marriage

  1. For months now, I’ve been following this blog, but did not find suitable words to say as comment. I still don’t have them now, but I’d like to ‘get out of the shrubbery’ and say I value this blog highly. I’m a big Durrell fan of course, from both brothers, and found this blog by looking for information about Leslie. As you said it: what happened to him? So thanks for the posts and don’t be shy to post some more, because there may be many more followers but me who’d like to see new posts. Greeting!

    • Hi Martjin!
      Thank you for your nice comment! I really appreciated it.
      I will post some more, I’ve just been very, very busy with work and so haven’t had time, unfortunately.
      But it’s nice to know that people are reading 🙂

      • That’s what I thought… you should know people read it and enjoy it very much. I don’t know how big the Durrell following is these days (not big enough of course) but you are giving me lots of pleasure.

  2. Hello, in one of several visits to Belle Pais in the past couple of months colleague Bryan Smith and I talked at length about re-invigorating youth particularly in Cyprus with the works of Lawrence and Gerald. Perhaps a brief Writer’s Workshop in the summer. We are both Professors–Bryan and I and would be delighted to collaborate in some way.

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