Musings and tidbits about the Durrell brothers, Lawrence and Gerald (and other members of the family too, wherever relevant).

I’m not an expert (whatever that means) on either Durrell.

The title of the blog comes from a nickname for Lawrence Durrell‘s Alexandria.

NB: This is probably obvious but it bears mentioning anyway: this blog is produced in my spare time. Nobody pays me, in any way, to write it. Some of the posts may contain Amazon affiliate links.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I found your very nice site by chance looking for information about Theodore Stephanides. I just put Je est un autre by Lawrence Durrell on a poem of the week I have started as an aside to my main blog about aikido and Japanese culture. I was looking for a good poem of Stephanides perhaps as a counterpoint to that poem. http://mooninthewater.net/poemoftheweek/2011/12/22/je-est-un-autre-by-lawrence-durrell/ Thanks for a very interesting blog. Regards, Niall

  2. just got told of this site by Micaeg Haag whom i met at the Durrell Centenary in London which i am attending at the moment. funnily enough, Tel Aviv is also my city. could you leave a forwarding address at my wordpress site?

    • Shalom Rony,
      Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the centenary, which I would have loved to attend but eventually could not. I have left you my email at your site as requested.

  3. Slowly I finish the book, and I was wondering where you were to see that Corfu was the Villa! I’m regret that all of them are dead! There are more pictures of them? Thank you for everything you have written so much about them! Szilvia from Hungary

  4. Thank you for this website. I have been a great fan of Gerald Durrell since I read “The Bafut Beagles” when I was ten years old. Recently, I came across a book called “Brazilian Adventure” (1934) by Peter Fleming (who is the older brother of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond). It’s a travel/adventure/humor book about a somewhat ill-fated amateur expedition to discover the fate of an earlier expedition to the Amazon.

    The style of Brazilian Adventure very much reminded me of Gerald Durrell’s writing style. I contacted Michael Haag, (see link on this site, he is an “expert” on Laurence Durrell) who very kindly informed me that the sister of one of the Brazilian Adventurers was Nancy Myers, first wife of Laurence Durrell. So it seems more than likely that Gerald was influenced by the story of that expedition (he would have been nine years old when the book was published, Laurence married Nancy in 1935).

    I wonder if any other fans of Gerald Durrell have read this book, and if so whether they saw its mark in his work. I must add that whether or not Gerald was influenced or not by “Brazilian Adventure,” his own voice was unique and remarkable, as was his life work, for which all sentient creatures should be greatful.

    David Harp

    • Errata: Oops, sorry! Nancy Myers was a GIRLFRIEND (not a sister) of one of the Brazilian Adventurers. My mistake in the comment above, and NOT Michael Haag’s! — david

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comments and for the very interesting information about the link between the Brazilian Adventurers and Gerald Durrell. I have never read the book but I will see if I can find it to compare the writing styles.

      I don’t know if you have read or come across the new biography of Nancy Myers by her daughter Joanna Hodgkin (Joanna is Nancy’s daughter by Nancy’s second husband). It’s worth a read. I’m sure Joanna would be interested to know this connection as well.

  5. Thank you, Cat. I do plan to read the new bio of Nancy Myers, although I must admit that I am more interested in Gerald than Lawrence. Although I believe the Joanna was not born until 1940, the book must include some of the Corfu Years material, I’d imagine. I do understand why, for narrative purposes, Gerald left Nancy out, but I was surprised when I learned this…

  6. Hi. Just found this site whilst researching Lawrence Durrell. I haven’t seen it beofre so – congratulations. A very good site; modern and fresh and it’s so good to know that there are still many Lawrence Durrell fans out there.

  7. Cat,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful blog about my favorite family! I am originally from Ukraine, or better put, the Soviet Union, where Gerald’s stories were terribly popular. My mother was very lucky to get four books for our book collection, and the others we checked out from the library. I remember dreaming about going to Durrell’s Zoo to work there. When I moved to the States, one of the books I brought was My Family and Other Animals translated into Russian. Then I bought it in English. Just recently I finished listening to Birds, Beasts, and Relatives. It is such a great humor!
    Some years ago, I also read a biography on Gerald, and it was so sad to know that he suffered of depression and alcoholism. I learned what happened with his first wife Jacquie because Gerald came with his second wife to the Soviet Union in 1984.
    You can see I am a serious fan, so I had to find a movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482552/ based on My Family and Other Animals story.
    Your blog I found because of Nancy Myers and Theodore who turns out to be not only a scholar, but also a poet!
    It is always nice to know that people all over the world enjoy reading both Durrells!

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