Lawrence Durrell, Sophia Loren and an Israeli kibbutz

Taken from The Calgary Herald, Jan. 19, 1966, about the filming in Israel of Durrell’s short novel Judith, which was written as a movie script. I believe Judith is republished in honour of Durrell’s centenary, if anyone has any more information please post in the comments.

It must have been quite something to have kibbutzniks and IDF national service soldiers roped in as extras to the movie. I wonder if anyone remembers filming with Loren?

(I’ll write more later, for now I just wanted to post these images!). To see the images larger, and to be able to read the text, just click on them.

Eve Durrell’s Alexandria

I would very much recommend reading this wonderful blog post about Eve Durrell, Lawrence Durrell’s second wife, and her home city of Alexandria.

The post is by writer Michael Haag, who is an expert on Alexandria and Egypt and has written several books about the city that inspired Durrell’s most famous novels. Eve, or Yvette, Cohen was the inspiration for Justine, the beautiful Jewish Alexandrian woman at the center of the Alexandria Quartet. Eve was the mother of Durrell’s second child, Sappho.

In the photograph of Eve and Michael in the blog post, Eve is aged 80 yet she still looks beautiful and one can imagine how absolutely stunning she must have been when she first met Durrell in Alexandria in the 1940s.

There is a lovely photograph of Eve as a schoolgirl here on Flickr. The lady who posted the photo is a relative of Eve, and explains that Eve’s sister Dolly is still alive and lives in Israel. It would be wonderful to talk to her! Imagine what memories she must have.

Durrell famously wrote that “there are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature” and it seems he did all three with Eve.

Eve passed away in London in 2004.