More On Whatever Happened To Margo — And Her Children

Margo’s granddaughter, Tracy Breeze, left a comment on my earlier post, Whatever Happened To Margo?, with details about Margo’s children and also about Leslie’s son Tony. I contacted Tracy and asked her if she would be OK with my posting her comment here as a main post, as I know that many readers would be very interested in it — and this way it is more visible. The original post about Margo does get a lot of traffic and I do also get emails asking for updates! Anyway, Tracy kindly agreed — and also shared these photos with me, which she has given permission to use. (Please note that the photos are all copyright to Tracy Breeze, they are watermarked accordingly.) 

I hope that Margo’s book about her life working on Greek ships will be published, as I am sure it will be extremely entertaining.


Leslie’s son Tony lives in the US – he kept in contact with Margo Durrell throughout his life until she died in 2009.

Margo’s first son, Gerry Breeze lives in Bournemouth. He is highly respected in the martial arts world and was teaching karate until ill health late 2016. Gerry is living and married to his third wife Sheila Breeze. His children Tracy Breeze, Sarah Breeze, Nick Breeze, Martin Breeze, Lawrence Breeze and Laura Breeze and has many grandchildren.

Margo’s second son Nick Breeze also lives in Bournemouth and the two brothers see each other often. Nick is married to his second wife Jan Breeze and he has two sons Daniel Breeze and Christopher Breeze.

I, Tracy Breeze published my Nan, Margo Duncan (Breeze/Durrell) book which is now out of print but I’m happy to say Penguin are publishing again in 2018. She has another unpublished book about her adventures working on a Greek ships travelling the Carribbean when she was 50 which I hope to get into print.

Margo was the best grandma anyone could ever wish for and a huge influence on our lives. Her zest, passion and fun for life never allowed for a dull day, she was more than amazing and much missed.


6 thoughts on “More On Whatever Happened To Margo — And Her Children

  1. This is lovely and so interesting being able to carry on following such wonderful people. I look forward to the book that Tracey mentions.

  2. Hi. I’m Patsy, now living and reaching in a town called Priego De Córdoba between Córdoba and Granada in Andalusia, Spain I don’t know how or why I received this post……but… I met EVE DUREELL around 2002/3 , at a retreat held at a converted lemon grove, called El Cortijo Romero, near Orgiva in Spain and we became very close friends. I spent several hours with her , holding her hand, the day before she passed into the light (around Christmas Time. I can’t remember the year (2003-2005?) and attended her funeral. This email has brought back many happy memories of times spent with her Kind regards Patsy in a Priego

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  3. I met and worked with Margo on a Greek Ship, in 1969/70 I have a couple of photos of myself and Margo when the ship was in dry dock in Piraeus Greece, she took me sight seeing around the Acropolis in Athens.
    We shared a cabin, she was a lovely lady I was aged 19/20 she looked after me and taught me a lot!

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